Red Dog Poker Rules

Players may not look at the cards until it is their turn to bet,the bet is limited...

Red Dog Poker began as a ‘banking’ game where players placed wagers on whether any card in their hand would be of the same suit or higher than a card dealt from the deck. Subsequently the game has developed several variations.

Red Dog/High Card Pool

Using a standard 52 card deck, each player places and ante bet in the pot and is dealt five cards. Players rotate as the ‘dealer’ and place bets on whether one of their five cards is the same suite or higher than the next one they are dealt.


The difference in Shoot is that there is no ante. The dealer puts up the initial stake between an agreed upon minimum and maximum. Players are only dealt three cards and may not look at them until it is their turn to bet. Bets are in an amount between an agreed upon minimum and the amount in the pot at that time. The dealer turns up one card and if you hold a suit of higher rank, you win and if not, you lose.

Slippery Sam

This version maintains the same betting structure as Shoot. Bets are made based on the dealer’s face card before they see their own hand. The dealer then places cards face up on the table until a card of six or less is laid out. Players bet on whether they have a higher suit in their hand than that of the dealer’s face up card.

Polish Red Dog

This is similar to Slippery Sam, but players wager before seeing their own hand, or the dealer’s face card. The initial stake is a fixed amount and bets are maximum of half of the amount in the pot at the time.