Razz Poker

In Razz poker the ace is the lowest card and the suit doesn't matter,the games simplicity...

Razz poker: Plenty of poker games can be found in the present world and Razz poker can be considered as a popular game type among them. The simple rules of the game are the main reason behind its popularity. Therefore any person can learn the game within a short period of time and engage in it with less hassle. The main objective of Razz poker is to have the lowest possible hand by the player. The players who engage in Razz poker will not have to think hard in order to play the game. The winner of the game has to use five cards out of seven to get the lowest hand.

In Razz poker, the ACE is known as the lowest card. Therefore if you can create a hand with ACE, two, three, four and five, you will be able to win the game. The suit of the cards does not matter in Razz poker. There must be six to eight players to engage in an interesting Razz poker game. This game can even be played among two players, but it will not be an exciting and an interesting one. When playing the game, round of bets are placed before dealing the cards to the players. After placing the bets, the dealer will deal three cards to each player. Two of these cards are dealt with face down and one with a face up.

This face up card is also known as the third street. Player who gets the highest third street will have to place the first bet. This first bet is also known as ‘bringing on’. The first bet amount should be at least one fifth of the low limit bet and the player can increase the amount according to his wish.

After completing the first round, the dealer will begin to deal the cards again. He will deal one face up card to each player and that is also known as ‘Fourth Street’. Player who has the highest fourth street will have to place the first bet in the second round and the bet amount should be higher than the low limit bet. After completing that round, the dealer will once again deliver the cards in the same way and that is known as ‘Fifth Street’.

The same steps will be done in these processes until the seventh street. At the end of the seventh street all the cards are face up in order to find out the person with the winning hand. Razz poker can be considered as an interesting and an easy to play poker game. Even though it differs from other poker games, a player can learn it within few minutes.