Pai Gow Tiles

In Pai Gow Tiles game, there are sixteen ranking combinations and Its important memorize their rankings,the highest rankings are knows as Jee Joon,domino six and domino three...

Pai Gow Tiles is a game that started in Ancient China and is played in many countries in Asia. It is a game of Chinese dominoes and has a literal translation of “Cards-Nine”. This game considered the predecessor of American dominoes.

The objective of this game is to make two hands outranking the two hands of the designated Banker or the Dealer. What makes this game unique is that the turn of the dealer is revolved around the players counter-clockwise after every game.

Hence each player is given the opportunity to deal against the other players. The Dealer can lose, win or push on each of the individual bets of the player. He or she cannot lose or win more than he bets. Also, a dealer may pass the deal on the next player in case he does not want to be the dealer.

Playing the Pai Gow Tiles

In Pai Gow Tiles, 32 dominoes are used and the House Supervisor shuffles them. The dominoes are to be placed within eight stacks of four each. The dealer and players will be dealt with one stack. The purpose of his game would be to set dominoes in two hands for the best ranking combination. In case they are lower, the dealer is the winner. When the ranking combinations of the dealer and player are the same, the dealer wins.

The value of every tile is not following a specific color or numerical sequence but is identified based on the Chinese symbolic system. Each tile has corresponding twin 11 that are identical twins. The other five pairs are not identical but they have similar number of dots and their ranking value is the same. After the players have set their hands, the hand of the dealer is opened, set and compared individually against every player’s hand like in Pai Gow Poker.

When all the wagers are placed, the dealer will cast three dice, determining which player would get the first stack of the dominoes. The players rank the dominoes and set two combinations side by side in front of the wagers. It is the dealer who will show his hand first while the House Supervisor opens the hands of players to find out the winners and losers. Also, the House Supervisor will connect the amount lost by players in the center of the table. The winning wagers are paid off with the money of the dealer.

In Pai Gow Tiles game, there are sixteen ranking combinations. It is important to refer to the chart memorize it for the rankings. The highest rankings are the Supreme combinations known as Jee Joon, domino six and domino three. The second highest are pairs or Bo and it does not follow a number sequence from the lowest to highest or vice versa. Actually, the pairs are symbols to the Chinese. The third ranking is the pair of twos which is known as Double Earth while the fourth ranking is called the pair of red eights which is otherwise known as Double People.