Pai Gow Poker Rules

In Pai Gow poker the only decisions to make are how to set your hand and of course much to bet...

Pai Gow poker also known as 'Double-hand poker' is based on classic poker rules with regards to the possible hand and their values, however differs greatly in other aspects playing more like blackjack with a quick turnover of cards.

Pai Gow poker rules

The objective of Pai Gow poker is to make two poker hands that beat those of the dealer. Each player is dealt a total of 7 cards which have to be split into a 'High hand' (consisting of 5 cards) and a 'Low hand' (consisting of 2 cards). Each hand is played and ranked as traditional hands with the exception that the joker acts as a wild card and may be used to complete a Straight, Flush, Straight flush or Royal flush. At all other times, the joker will act as an ace.

Playing Pai Gow poker

Each player is dealt 7 cards in total. and then places their bet. Once the hand has been dealt, as mentioned above, players will need to organize their cards into two separate hands consisting of a 5 card 'High' hand and a 2 card 'Low' hand. In Pai Gow poker the only strategic decisions are how much to bet and how to set your hand. Whilst there are many strategies for building hands according to the 7 cards dealt, a simple strategy is to make the highest value 2 card hand that is lower than the 5 card hand. Many online versions of the game will include handy tutorials and best strategies of play.