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The Pachinko Game - The Japanese Equivalent Of The Slot Machine: The pachinko game is a game that originated in Japan. It’s quite popular in Japan and nowadays it gains ground in many other countries around the world. It’s a recreational game that is being played for hours by Japanese.

Here’s what you have to know about the pachinko game:

#1: Pachinko is easy to play.

Even a child can learn how to play the game. It’s really simple. It’s very similar with pinball in the sense that there’s a loading area where you load a few mechanical balls. Then you launch the ball and the ball can either get into one of the lucky pockets or fall back. If your ball gets in one of the winning areas you will earn more balls.

In order to play the game, you need a few metallic balls. Buy them before you play the game. Let’s say that you buy 10 balls in the beginning and you have 15 balls at the end of the game. This means that you have won 5 balls for which you can receive cash. Most people don’t win anything because it’s a game of chance.

#2: The point of the game is to win as many balls as possible.

That’s the point of the game. The more balls you are going to win, the more money you are going to make when you exchange your balls for money.

#3: It’s the equivalent of the slot machine in the western world.

The game of pachinko is as easy to play as a slot machine. It’s a simple operation that you repeat over and over again. It’s addictive because it involves a simple Pavlovian response. You launch the ball and then you see what happens. Are you going to win or lose? Most of the time is a miss but the memory of the wins keeps you trying again and again.

#4: 378 billion dollars were played in the game.

This is a huge sum of money. It’s about 4 times bigger than all the profits made in the casino industry in the entire world in one year. This means that many Japanese play this game for long periods of time. Otherwise, the total revenue would be much smaller.

#5: There are about 16,000 to 17,000 locations where you can play the pachinko game in Japan.

Most of these clubs are owned by South Koreans. Some people say that a lot of the money won by them arrives to North Korea. Pachinko is one of the most important reasons why North Korea has foreign currency.

#6: The balls are numbered and you will get additional prizes when you hit a certain combination.

When one of your balls gets into a winning pocket, you will win a certain amount of balls. Nowadays, the balls are also numbered and if you win for example three balls with the same number printed on them, you will win an additional prize.

#7: Millions of pachinko machines were sold in the United States.

This game is from Japan and a about 50 years go only Japanese played it Japan. In the late 1970s, millions of machines were imported and sold in the United States.

#8: Your best bet to find a pachinko machine is eBay.

On eBay, you can find plenty of pachinko machines. The prices vary but these machines usually sell for less than $200.

The Pachinko game is a game of chance that is very popular in Japan. It’s very similar to the slot machine and it’s an addictive game. Playing this game represents a great way to relax yourself after full day of work. It will make you feel better and more relaxed. I invite you to buy your own pachinko machine and to play the game at your leisure.