Pachinko Strategy

Online Casinos pachinko machines offer the thrill of a real live game giving you a chance...

Pachinko is a pinball like casino game that is extremely popular in Japan. The original version of this game plays like a pinball machine with the objective of firing balls into a series of winning holes that hold prizes such as more balls, cash, and a special feature which releases a spinning reel with large jackpots. The game is gaining popularity in online casinos where players can play for reel cash prizes on a virtual Pachinko machine that resembles a pinball machine.

How to play

Players enter coins into the Pachinko machine in a similar fashion to an online slot. A number of balls are then released and held in a holding area ready to be fired like a pinball machine.

The goal is to fire the balls into prize holes and release more balls, special bonuses and cash prizes! A unique feature of this game is the slot reel which can be activated that has multiple bonuses including free spins, cash and jackpots for lucky players and work exactly like a regular online slot with prizes awarded for reel symbols.

Pachinko strategy

Online casinos offer many different Pachinko machines that recreate the physics of a real ball brilliantly. The thrill of this game lies in winning real cash using your own pinball skills!

A strategy here is definately one of skill; the more balls placed in winning holes the more money and special features you stand to win. To increase the thrill of this great game, random spinning reels with fantastic jackpots are also released for skilled players!