Pachinko Odds

It should be duly noted from the beginning that there aren't really a lot of probabilities and odds in Pachinko, this is a pure game of luck with no actual demand for skill. In the end it boils down to launching Pachinko's balls, controlling their velocity and numbers, hoping they'll somehow find their magical path right into the ball catcher, and on the way, pay a visit to some winning pockets.

This is the gist of the game. But with all that said, an American experiment which was checking Pachinko games probabilities has shown some numerals. This article explains the odds and displays the results from said experiment.

Pachinko Probabilities

In 2012, as part of a Programming Contest taking place in the United States, an attempt was made to achieve the impossible and show Pachinko probabilities. In Pachinko, balls are launched from the top of the machine to the bottom with the ultimate goal of reaching the Ball Catcher situated in the bottom.

The balls can get lost in the bottom or reach the winning pockets adorning the machine thus granting the player with more Balls. The programmer tried to calculate different situations tied with the specific position of the Ball on the Pachinko machine.

The results suited what the human eye could conceive by looking at a Pachinko machine from afar:

Balls making their way to the bottom in the center of the machine will never get lost, while balls on the far sides of the machine have a 100% chance of getting lost. As the ball draws closer to the center of the machine the chances of it not being wasted move up. The probability of the machine as a whole was said to be approximately 61.1111%. Again, this is something any logical person could see, but the numbers are always important.

Please note this has not been fully proven scientifically, it is a result of a programming exercise. It is only logical that due to its nature, it is really hard to calculate Pachinko's probabilities and odds.

Control your playing

Let's admit it: Pachinko is loads of fun. It takes a genius to combine two games like Pinball and Slot Machines into games.

Don't get carried away; Pachinko Addiction became an issue with which Japanese Officials have to deal with via active legislation and various limitations. Play with balance and moderation. May the balls be with you.