Pachinko Glossary

Pachinko Glossary Terms

Ball Catcher - A small device on the bottom of the Pachinko machine, it catches Balls which have successfully made their way to it. At the end of the game all Balls are tallied.

Balls - The Bread and butter of Pachinko. The goal is to have as much as Balls as possible at the end game. This is achieved by safely navigating them from the top to the ball catcher.

Playfield - The area in which the game is carried out.

Pockets - Different areas scattered throughout the playfield into which the Balls can roll. They usually give out certain payouts like more Balls, and activate the Spinning Reel.

Spinning Reel - A Slot Machine like reel in the middle of the Pachinko playing field. It spins in the course of the game when the balls hit certain points like pockets, giving players the chance to win additional money.