Online Sic Bo Tips

With Sic Bo you have three dice to roll which means far more options...

Sic Bo isn't a particularly challenging game, it doesn't require an immense amount of knowledge or skill but there are some patterns and tips that we can recommend if your looking to win big at this game.Unlike craps,with Sic Bo you have three dice that you need to roll, which means that there are far more options at your disposal.

Play Big Or Small

The first tip would be to either play either big or small. In the game of Sic Bo, the house advantage is low, so the advantage is to you. 

Even though the payout for the small or big bet is even money, it is much easier to continue betting and make your winnings over a period of time.

With a big bet you are betting on the three dice total being between 11 and 17. The following combinations are winning combinations:

  • Die 1= 4 or 5
  • Die 2= 6 or 6
  • Die 3= 1 or 4

The essence of this is, that any number combination, that is the combination of 11 to 1 is going to give you a win. For the smaller bets you will require between 4 and 10.  Examples of smaller bets:

  • Die 1= 2 
  • Die 2= 3 or 1
  • Die 3= 5 or 1

Remember, Sic Bo is a game of luck

One of the major pitfalls of all gamblers is reading too much into the numbers. People rationalize bets by saying ' if I rolled a 7 last time and the time before that, then maybe I will roll it now'. Don't fall into this trap. The rolls of the dice are random. Each roll is different from the last and you need to play it as such!