Online Casino Jackpot Winners

An 888 casino player celebrated his winnings on online casino jackpots by donating part of his profits to charities in his home town..

Online Casino jackpots are played by many people and this is the reason why they are growing in numbers with the passage of time. Thanks to the winning success stories of most of the players you will find that there are many individuals joining the bandwagon and playing online casino games to try their luck and grab big wins. Some players have emerged shocking winners claiming big amounts.

The following are some real life online casino jackpot winners and their respective success stories :

1. Michael P took home USD $ 562,945.25 after winning the Video Slot Major Millions Mega Spin after registering and depositing USD $100 at the Sun Vegas Casino on 1st July 2011. The day was a special one for the 53-year old honest hardworking middle class gentleman who has the firm belief that in order to get money you need to spend money. On a few earlier occasions he had tried his hand at casino jackpots however no fortune had ever come his way. He was astonished and delighted with the win that came his way that day.

2. J.C from Macao an 888 casino player celebrated his great fortune by winning $329,561 on the Treasure Twirl Slot Jackpot in 2011. In fact, he was so astonished at the win that the reality took some time to actually sink into him. Since he won the amount in the night he was still thinking that he was sleeping and in reality dreaming! J.C has made a pledge to donate part of his winnings to charities in his home continent and after a grand celebration dinner with close friends and family he also planned to invest some cash on online jackpot winnings for the future.

3. Donna played Tiki Temple on Jackpotjoy and she was astonished and shocked to see the words that she had won the £36,877 jackpot on 04 Jan 2011. She was so stunned that following the win she had to scream fro her son, Chris who was upstairs to check the words flashed across the computer screen. She has given her daughter and two sons a share of the winning proceeds and the rest of the money is currently being used to pay a large chunk of the mortgage taken along with little domestic bills.

4. Karen P is another lucky winner who has won the Caribbean Cruise at JackpotJoy however the prize that was awarded to her was in the form of Thomson holiday vouchers. She was so happy with the win that she gifted the two vouchers she had won to her niece and nephew who were soon to get married. They have booked exotic honeymoons and these vouchers have helped them a lot as the expenses for the marriages are high.

5. Glenn VK just deposited $34 and surprisingly won an attractive bonus of over $700 on Spring Break. He was so happy that he never imagined that he could ever win so much. In fact, he was hysterical when the bells suddenly rang announcing that he had won $19,706. This money will help him pay the mortgage and bills that are pending because of an accident. He has also decided to distribute the rest among his six grandchildren and whatever little he has left would be enough for a cruise!