Microgaming Casino Tournaments Guide

Each player has an assigned time limit. Once you start playing the counter starts as well. If you increase the amount of money...

Microgaming by its casinos offer is a new way for people to gamble online.

Microgaming is probably the best software for this on the market. Plenty of online casinos use it every day. I'm going

to teach you everything you need to know about microgaming and how to make big bucks with small

The best way to get good at anything is to practice. The same applies to Microgaming as well. You should
start playing in a true competition hosted at the Crazy Vegas online casino. "Reel Cruise" is one of the best tournaments
offered because the first two winners of the competition win a trip of two on a cruise boat.

The tournament's entry costs about $50 and you can earn up to $8000 which is not bad for a couple of days.
There's a qualifier tournament where the first 5 winners get free access to the Reel Cruise's final.

Download and install the Crazy Vegas casino software. Next, click change view from the bottom right. You will
get a tree view that shows different types of tournaments under the slots option. The options are sit-and-go,
scheduled and private tournaments.

Sit-and-go tournaments start right after enough players are ready to play the game. Any player can join the game. Scheduled
tournaments begin at a precise time and date. You have to register for them ahead of time. Every Microgaming player is normally allowed to participate. Private tournaments can be accessed only by the customers of Crazy Vegas. Each tournament comes with prizes, rules and player ratings.

Each player has an assigned time limit. Once you start playing the counter starts as well. If you increase the amount of money
you bet on each spin, you will be more likely to win big bonuses.

A great Microgaming slots tournaments guide should also mention Win Box. Win Box is a special type of tournament. During each tournament, players are ranked based on the overall performance. The number of points each player has is calculated based on its history of wins and gains. Don't worry if your coin balance reaches zero. You can still continue playing if you are going to pay with real cash.

To increase the number of spins you win for the Win Box you have to click the slot so its spins. Do as many spins as you can during the same amount of time and you might maximize the return you are getting. To get increase the Win Box to the maximum, looks at the overall Win Box points. Don't get caught up in winning or losing each spin. Use the continue play option and start strong right from the beginning.

Winning the tournament is more important than using your continue play option. A little bit of investment upfront through using your continue play option may help you win 100 times more if you win the overall competition. Be aware that many of your competitors will use the continue play option. This doesn't mean that you should necessarily do it as well. Instead use the continue option only when you are almost winning but not quite.

If you are ahead of the other players and there's still time left, you should stop playing for a while. See if others threaten to catch up with you. Don't invest your continue play options unnecessarily. You will just be losing money.

When the completition starts, the newbies start spinning like crazy. They overload the servers. Start the tournament only after a couple of minutes. In the mean time, most newbies would have already finished their spins and you will be able to spin faster.

This Microgaming slots tournaments guide will help you get better and faster at playing Microgaming slots tournaments. You can find all casino tournaments being listed at the casino tournaments lListings page. The list is being updated all the time. Have fun!