There are certain playslips and tickets that permit you to play the same numbers for several draws or more than a week...

Know Lotto/Lottery Rules And Regulations: Every state and national lottery has their own rules posted on their respective websites. Before you play the lottery you should look for a link on the website containing detailed information on “Lotto Rules”, “Rules or Regulations” or any similar terms describing the game summary and how to play. Every website will also have additional links like tips for playing the lottery, result, books and more.

About Game Summary

You need to pick six digits from 1 to 49. These digits are drawn plus a bonus number, out of 49 balls that are numbered. For winning the jackpot you require to match all 6 numbers. For winning the second highest prize you require matching 5 numbers and the bonus number. For smaller prizes you need to match five, four or three numbers.

Rules For Playing The Lottery

You first require marking six numbers on an individual lottery board, playslip or ticket. There are some playslips and lottery tickets where you can play with more than a single set of numbers. You have the option of buying tickets without completing a playslip. The computer terminal chooses your six-number combination at random.

Please note where applicable, check in which draw you are playing with and mark it as appropriate on the ticket or playslip.
There are certain playslips and tickets that permit you to play the same numbers for several draws or more than a week. The appropriate section needs to be marked accordingly. You get one ticket but the numbers you choose will be entered for the number of weeks you select and the draw-days.

You should take your completed lottery play slip/ticket to the lottery terminal or retailer. They enter your selections into the terminal and provide you with a Lottery/Lotto game ticket. Check the information and ensure it is correct- this includes your numbers, the days you wish to play, the draw dates and the number of weeks.

Where applicable ensure you check carefully the serial number on your ticket. Ensure that the bar code completely readable and there is no mark in the “Void” box. It is important to keep your ticket safe as you will require it when you claim your prize. This is proof you are the winner. For security reasons it is recommended you write your name and address on the reverse of the ticket.

You become a jackpot winner if the six numbers you have chosen in the Lotto/Lottery game selections match the six numbers in the Lottery/Lotto game draw in any order. You may need to share the jackpot prize with other winners in the game. You can also win if you match five, four or even three prime numbers out of the six numbers. You need to look out for the 7th bonus number drawn. If you successfully match 5 numbers, matching the bonus number will bag you the second highest prize.

Basic Popular Lottery Rules & Regulations

In order to buy lottery tickets and claim prizes you must be 16/18/21 years of age.

Players are responsible for checking their tickets carefully before leaving the retailer.

A ticket becomes null and void if stolen, mutilated, unissued, tampered, altered or tampered with in any way, illegible, incomplete of defective.

• The Lottery is not responsible for tickets lost or stolen.

Lotto/Lottery tickets can be cancelled only when they are presented before drawing to the retailer from where it was originally purchased. Powerball tickets cannot be cancelled.

Multi-drawing bets on same number(s) can be made in advance for all games. Details available with retailer.

For claiming a prize you must fill in your name, address and phone number on the reverse of the winning ticket.

All lottery/lotto tickets are subject to validation by the Lottery.

Winning tickets are bearer instruments.

Prizes must be claimed within 6 months/one year from the date of drawing.