Lottery Theory

It's important not to choose the common numbers people have chosen already because if you win you'll share your reward...

People today are consistently looking for some novel and innovative way to enhance their individual chances of winning a lottery. However, after a lot of deliberation and research there is just one proven way by which you can beat the odds. This is to buy more lottery tickets and enhance chances of winning so that you are able to play in lottery clubs and pools. These are the places where you can decrease the odds that play against you.

There are no permutations, number selections, combinations or other special or specific systems that will create magic and spin good luck your way in order to win the lottery. The ancient way to win the lottery is to buy lots of lottery tickets and have lots of good luck. This improves your chances of winning the lottery in a very big way. Besides winning you can also enhance your chances of making larger sums of money without hassles at all. There are many people who have tried and tested the system and have emerged successful at the same time. It is very important for you to make a decent entry when you are about to start playing the lottery or else you will land up choosing numbers that other people have chosen already. This means if you make the above mistake you will be sharing your prize with a large number of people.

In the move to judge the patterns of winning lottery tickets the classic methods of reverse engineering works. This was deployed with all the UK lotto results and it was discovered that there are some definable and clear numbers you should avoid. These are the numbers that are entered by other people every week and they are disproportionate to their standard distribution. If you enter them you are almost likely to win poorly. This is also true for the inverse equation and there are some numbers that the masses tend to miss out or do not even enter at all. Such wins are obviously huge jackpots.

There are some rules that you need to remember if you have the target to win regular lottery tickets. The following is an example of the HYPERGEOMETRIC DISTRIBUTION method-
A group of 52 people comprise of 36 females. There is a sample of size of 8 taken, and the probability of searching for 6 women in this group is desired. In an Excel sheet you should type “HYPGEOMDIST (6, 8, 36, 52)" Any 6 from 8 in 52 of 36/52 (69.2%) = 31.06% - Now you add the quantities in order to get the total percentage for the range.

In the case of a Lottery you need to do the following - If you want the probability of three winning numbers in a lottery containing 49 numbers you should draw 6 numbers and the results are - In an Excel Sheet type "=HYPGEOMDIST (3, 6, 6, 49)"

Any 3 from 6 in 49 of 1/49 (2.04%) = 1.77% - Or on playing on one ticket in one week you can win once in every 56.6 weeks.