Lottery Strategy

Most people playing the lottery prefer to pick their numbers randomly,using help from a compter can often save...

There are several lottery players who ask themselves a common question - Is there a specific strategy or mathematical system to win a lottery or is it just sheer good luck where you randomly pick numbers you feel like selecting?

The truth actually is that if you are playing big lotteries the odds of winning are not in the favor of the player. For instance, in order to get an exact idea the odds for winning the MegaMillions Jackpot are 1 in 175, 711, 536.

This means that most people playing the lottery prefer to pick their numbers at random. There are some people who often take help from the random number generator you find with most lottery games. The computer randomly picks numbers for you however there is no guarantee that this number generator will reduce the odds of winning. However there are some people who do believe that a good system does have the chance of increasing your chances of winning.

Besides the above there are three lottery strategies that help the regular lottery player to win big jackpots. They are as follows-

1. Hot and Cold Number System- This is a system that deploys the use of “hot” and “cold” numbers. Hot numbers are the ones that have been recently picked and cold numbers are the ones not having used in a while. For using this website you should log into the lottery system’s website and research numbers picked over the past twelve months. You should look at those numbers that have been used over a period of time continuously and use them as picks. There is another way where you can pick the cold numbers that have not been picked for a period of time. This helps you make a strong entry however there is no guarantee that you can win with the above strategy.

2. Lottery Wheel- This system entails arranging the numbers in a way that it increases the odds of winning small prizes in a lottery game. With this system you select numbers of small prizes as opposed to any strategy to win the jackpot. There are three types of wheels and they are full, key and abbreviated wheels. The full wheel gives you the biggest set of numbers, the key wheel gives you best results if you are playing the lottery alone and the abbreviated wheel that has a larger set of numbers and thus increases your odds of winning higher.

3. Numerology Numbers- Numerology is a mystical method that takes into account the name and birth date of the person to get his/her lucky numbers. This method uses the root number of a person’s first and last name adding them up to co-relate to their birth date and time. Adding the total numbers of the player’s name also gives the individual his/her lucky number. This is a kind of lucky number generator that gives a person a chance to try his/her luck and win the jackpot in a lottery he/she may be participating in.