Live Dealers Blackjack

Playing with Live Dealers Blackjack is better than playing at an offline casino because you don't have any bodyguards or security ready to kick you out at the tiniest wrong movement...

Live dealers are real dealers that play online Blackjack with you. They are real people, in flesh and blood. They are filmed in real time and you can select from the screen your moves. You can even chat with them which is quite handy.

Here's what you need to know about playing Blackjack against Live Dealers Blackjack:

#1: Persistence is the most important thing.

Most people fail because they do not stick long enough with something until they become really good at it or until they start getting results.The same applies to playing Blackjack. You have to practice a lot so you get really good at the game. Only after you become really good, you will be able to get big results and earn a lot of money.

#2: It's better than playing at an offline casino or against the computer.

Playing with Live Dealers Blackjack is better than playing at an offline casino because you don't have any bodyguards or security ready to kick you out at the tiniest wrong movement. You are playing from the comfort of your house. Live dealer Blackjack games are also better than normal online Blackjack games because you are dealing with a real person. It's feels more natural and human. You no longer have to play just against a machine without feelings.

#3: You get to earn more money because of higher prizes.

Casinos earn more from players because players play longer. Their longer game play is possibly because of the beauty of the live dealers. This is why the prizes are usually bigger than when playing Blackjack at offline casinos. The odds are the same because you are playing the same game. But because there are more people playing, the casinos afford to offer higher prizes.

#4: It's a more pleasurable experience.

Most of these Live Dealers Blackjack are really cute women. This is a major plus, especially if you are a guy. You will not only get the benefit of playing a fun online game but you will also get to see good-looking women who are smart and speak in a clear and feminine voice.

#5: Learn to count the cards.

This skill will pay big dividends down the road. Counting the cards matters when the number of card decks used is small. In certain casinos, if you are caught counting the cards you will soon leave the casino and never to return. You will literally be banned from the casino.

Casinos want to make the maximum amount of money and if you are too systematic when playing, you are likely to screw their plan. And they do not like it.

#6: Control your emotions.

The worst thing you could do is to let your emotions drive your play and strategy. Your emotions distort your perception and influence you to make mistakes that you will surely regret down the line. The surest way to lose is to let your decisions be directed only by your emotions.

#7: Play without money on the table before playing in the company of Live Dealers Blackjack.

Unless you want to lose money, it's important to become really good at the game without money on the table. This is because most of the money that Blackjack pros make or the online Blackjack websites earn comes from newbies. Newbies are beginners who aren't really good at the game. They do it just for fun and they usually lose most of their money. They are the real cash cows of the online Blackjack industry.

It's really fun to play against Live Dealers Blackjack. You should definitely try it because you will enjoy the experience a lot. You will notice that each game will be different because you will have a different and beautiful Live Dealer every time you play. Have fun and tell your friends!