Live Dealer Casinos

So What are the advantages of playing online casinos with live dealer games?...

Live dealer casinos are casinos offering online webcam supported games, where you can watch the dealers in live streaming. the most popular live dealers games online are blackjack, roulette and craps.

Online casinos with live dealers are a fairly new addition to the online casino industry. Since the very beginning, online casinos

lacked the appeal of traditional casinos because of their artificial vibe. Playing virtual games feels like you are dealing with machines.
Playing with or against people, and especially beautiful women, feels much better and exciting.

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Why online casinos with live dealers have appeared anyway?

Many players didn't embrace the new online casino games because they were sick and tired of the fake virtual tables and fake dealers. They liked to play poker and other casino games both for the prizes and for the experience. And a live dealer greatly enhances the experience.

Most live dealer casinos hire only extremely beautiful, smart and talented women. This increases their appeal as well.

How is it possible to play online casino games with real people and live?

There's a cutting-edge technology behind the scenes that makes all of this possible. The player sees a beautiful live dealer who does her job.
He can click certain buttons on the screen to choose his next bet or moves. The live dealer sees everything the player clicks and acts accordingly.
She is filmed by a camera with sensors. And the computer practically understands the game and the cards. The player can also chat with the live dealer and she can respond to his messages. Smart sensors make possible the recognition of the cards by the computer.


How much does the technology cost?

To introduce this technology to your online casino, it takes a couple of million dollars.

The investment may seem substantial for a new casino but there are a few online casinos that already afforded this technology. The potential for this technology is extraordinary. So in the long term, it's definitely worth it from a financial stand point.

You should also consider that the live beautiful female dealers also have to be paid. This is an additional cost but online casinos with live dealers experience more earnings because players play longer.

What games can you play at online casinos with live dealers?

Live dealers are quite expensive to hire and the technology is also expensive. This is why there have to be a lot of players at the other end so the online casino makes a profit. This is a technology in its infancy and costs are high. This is why only the most popular online casino games that attract the largest crowds have been chosen. Most online casinos with live dealers feature only the following games: live roulette, live blackjack and live

What are the advantages of playing online casinos with live dealer games?

There are plenty of advantages over the more common online casinos. Let's take the example of a live roulette. The live roulette dealer actually lets the white ball spin around the roulette. You can see the real white ball. Everything is in the open. You feel like you are dealing with a real person, a real roulette and a real game. It's like being in an offline casino without having an army of guards around you. There's are no security people, no surveillance cameras and no limitations regarding where and when you can place your bets. You just have to choose your live dealer. Here's a tip: choose the most beautiful girl!

There are also blackjack live dealers and baccarat live dealers. It's most likely that online casinos chose these games because they are popular and easy to implement from a technological stand point. With these games, you can play short hands and the gains pile up fast. They are also risk less from the perspective of the casinos.

More and more online casinos with live dealers will appear during the next few years. So be prepared for a revolution in the online casino games industry.