Let It Ride Poker

While beeing relativly new and slower than blackjack,Let It Ride Poker has a huge potential for high payouts...

Let It Ride Poker is a popular Poker Variation played across the world and it is a variation of the 5-stud poker. This game is played with the standard 52 card deck and it was originally developed by ShuffleMaster Gaming – a Company making automatic card shuffling machines. This game was first introduced in 1993 to casinos and it is played on a table that is similar to blackjack and can include up to seven players playing at the same time. This game is slower than blackjack and it has a huge potential for high payouts.

In this game you play against a pay schedule like you do in videopoker. The sole and primary goal of every player is to get a good poker hand. There are 3 circles placed in front of each player on the table. These circles are marked with the numbers 1, 2 and $. These are the spots where you will place your first three bets whereas the first and second bets are the ones the player takes back later in the game.

Each player of the game gets three cards and the dealer gets two community cards. The dealer does not have a hand while as a player you cannot show or discuss your own cards with other players at the table. Each player needs to keep three cards facing down in complete view of the dealer all the time.

How To Play

The motto of the game is to get a pair of tens of better using three cards given to the player and two community cards rendered to the dealer. After each player gets his/her cards the dealer cuts off one card leaving two cards facing down before the dealer.

The players each start with three bets that are of an equal amount. It should be noted that a $5 table needs $15 to begin with and later places them onto the three bet circles 1, 2 $ The Bonus bet on the Bonus circle is an optional side bet and it is generally $1.

After this the dealer gives every player three cards and takes 2 community cards all of which is placed down. The cards that are left are placed on the discard tray. After this is over each player can look at their 3-card hand. It is at this point that the player needs to take back the bet in the number one circle or Let It Ride.

After all players have made their decision the dealer will turn up the first of the 2 community cards. This card is used in the game as the fourth card for all the player’s hands.
Irrespective of their first decision players now have the option of taking down their second bet even if they have allowed their first bet to ride however this first bet cannot be taken down or put back up.

When all the players make their decision for the second bet, the dealer turns up the second community card that completes the 5 card hand for every player. It is at this junction that the dealer will pay all winning bets and players without bets lose whatever bets remain to play still.