There’s no rule for picking the “right” Keno numbers – pick what feels right to you...

A top favorite for its small bets, big payouts, and the fast pace of online Keno!

Keno originated in China and was brought to America in the mid-1800s by Chinese immigrants who came to work in the country’s railroads.

Similar to the lottery, Keno is a game of chance where you pick the numbers and choose the odds. It has relatively simple rules and can be played live – in casinos, lounges, bars and other public places – as well as online. It’s very popular because players can win large payouts on small wagers and, in online Keno, players get results much faster.


How to play and win at Keno

Players select between four to 10 numbers from 1 to 80, marking a blank Keno ticket with their selections (each called a Keno spot). Then, 20 numbered balls are randomly drawn from a barrel of 80 numbered balls and the results are displayed on screens (Keno boards) throughout the casino. If the numbers you chose match the numbers drawn, you win. You can bet as low as $1 and win as much as $50,000 on this $1 bet.

Online Keno

Playing online Keno means playing by the same rules, but this time, you’ll see the same 80 numbers on your computer screen. To make your selections, simply touch the screen. Instead of being drawn from a Keno barrel, the 20 winning numbers are selected by an RNG (Random Number Generator). While potential winnings maybe better than in traditional live Keno, online Keno is also played much faster and therefore, you may risk more money per hour than in a live (and slower) game.

Keno tips and tactics

Since Keno is a game of chance and you can’t really do anything to increase your odds of winning, it is difficult to pinpoint a real strategy for success. Some people advocate that players should just play the game for fun and entertainment. Others, on the other hand, say that some sensible tips can help you both enjoy and win:

·Compare casinos and their pay tables and play where they pay more for each winning spot.

·Keep your winnings below the taxable amount.

·Bet seriously. When playing online Keno, bet at least $5 to stay in the game for the long run and get a chance at the jackpot.

·Understand the payout tables so you can choose the best number of spots.

·Determine the amount of money you’re willing to play with – and maybe lose.

·Before playing online Keno for real money, practice first.

·There’s no rule for picking the “right” Keno numbers – pick what feels right to you.

Last but not least, remember that, at the end of the day, Keno is just a game, albeit a truly fun and enjoyable one!