Keno Tips

Choose a number of spots that range from 50% to 75% of the ticket's spot limit...

Make online keno go your way with these Lucky 7 tips!

Like bingo or the lottery, keno – whether land-based or online – requires very little skill and very much luck. But while you can’t make the randomly selected winning numbers go your way, these tips might just help you tilt the game to your side!

Tip 1: Before playing for money, practice for free

Most online casinos offer free online keno games to help beginners become familiar with the game and master its flow, nuances, betting types, patterns and variations. Experienced players can practice, perfect their skills, and test their strategies without losing any money in the process. By practicing first, both beginners and non-beginners can gain the confidence they need to start playing for real money.

Tip 2: Set up a bankroll, then stretch it.

A bankroll is the amount of money you set aside for betting. Don’t overdraw on it and determine its amount according to its affordability: Can you afford to lose this much without going bust? Then decide how much money you want to win. This number will be hard to figure out in a game that’s based on luck, but setting win goals can help protect your bankroll. Most important, stretch your bankroll by playing conservatively throughout the game. Don’t put all your money in one or two big bets, but bet small amounts and enjoy a longer and potentially more profitable keno experience.

Tip 3: Bet seriously.

Decide how large you want your bets to be – keeping in mind your win goal and your bankroll. Make small bets on select numbers for small frequent wins and a longer stay in the game; place bigger bets on several numbers for a bigger payout. But betting small doesn’t necessarily mean betting $1. Experts advise that you bet at least $5 as payouts because $1 bets are pretty much irrelevant to the future of the game.

Tip 4: Select the right number of spots.

Choose a number of spots that range from 50% to 75% of the ticket's spot limit.  For example, for a ticket with a ten-spot limit, pick between five to eight spots. Your game may stay alive even if you pick less than 50% of the spot limit, but the payout will be too small and the winning odds too limited. Also keep the payout table in mind as it changes with the number of spots selected.

Tip 5: Pick your numbers well.

Select more, rather than fewer, numbers to get more “hits” you’ll get and boost your chances of winning. Choose numbers in patterns – and the odds for maximum hits increase. Also, play the same numbers for multiple games – if the numbers were not hit in the previous game, they may well be hit in the next. Lastly, select more numbers in the top two lines – research shows that people have scored big wins on these.

Tip 6: Select the best online casino.

Beware of suspicious bonus offers that may come with steep payment stipulations. Instead, find a casino with the best maximum payout or highest payout percentages, which can decrease the house edge. Check out the online casino’s software and playing atmosphere. Avoid websites that promise an “unbeatable” keno system or other similar scams.

Tip 7: Don’t forget Uncle Sam.

Because he won’t. When playing keno, keep the payouts in mind and try to keep your winnings below the taxable amounts. Then you don’t have to share your winnings with Uncle Sam.

Remember that no single online keno strategy or tip can guarantee a win. But taken together, they can minimize your losses and maximize your gains!