Keno Strategy

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. Bet small amounts and aim for a longer and hopefully profitable online keno experience...

Change the odds in your favor - use these proven keno strategies!

Since keno is very much a game of chance, one wonders if there is a place here for keno “skills” or keno strategy. Some online keno experts argue that there is room for strategy and instinct and that, while there is no sure-fire, guaranteed-to-work system, some time-tested methods could influence your luck. 

One, study the numbers.

Many players (and even statisticians) subscribe to the “lucky number” concept, that is, they believe that there could be a pattern to the winning numbers and that players can “get lucky” for an unspecified period of time. Since live results screens identify frequent winning numbers, players may be tempted to use this to influence which keno numbers to pick. But in doing so, one must also remember the following principles:

· The more keno numbers picked, the higher the potential winnings. For example, bet $1 and pick one spot (number) and you can win only $3 max. But, pick five spots and you can win $50; ten spots and potential winnings rise to $1800; and fifteen spots to $10,000.

· The more keno numbers picked, the more hits are needed to win. For five spots, you need two hits to break even; for ten spots, three hits; and for fifteen, five.

· Pick fewer numbers to stay in the game longer; or more numbers (with greater risks) to potentially win bigger rewards.

Two, examine the payouts.

Comparing payouts is critical. The numbers selected play an important role in determining the payouts. You’ll find, for example, that picking three keno numbers and hitting all three gives you a payout of 16 to 1; while picking four numbers and hitting all four (a harder task than the three numbers) gives you only a payout of 12 to 1.

You’ll also discover that in the 7- through 11-spot keno games (where you need three hits to break even), it is easier to hit 3 out of 11 than 3 out of 7. However, the biggest jackpot for the 11-spot keno is $3000, while that in the 7-spot game is a measly $100!

Lastly, understand also that the payout plan may be influenced by the software used by the online casino.

Three, stretch your bankroll.

Because you get a clean slate with every game of keno – with the old numbers removed and new numbers selected by the system – and all results subject to luck and chance, it is probably best to play conservatively. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. Bet small amounts instead and aim for a longer and hopefully profitable online keno experience.

Four, achieve a “yin-yang” balance.

Try this unscientific but perfectly plausible approach to online keno. Some experts believe that this game, originating in China, employs the Eastern philosophy of opposing yet complementary forces of nature. The top half of the keno card represents the yin, while the lower half represents the yang. Picking an equal number of spots from the top half and from the lower half, they believe, may help achieve balance and with it success.