Keno Rules

Contrary to popular thinking, keno odds are constant. The payoffs and the casino’s edge remain the same all the time...

This easy-to-learn game combines bingo and lottery rules

It takes only seconds to learn the standard keno rules, but once you do, get ready for hours of fun and potentially large cash rewards for relatively small bets. Keno can be played in brick-and-mortar casino lounges or on online platforms. Online keno has basically the same rules as the regular land-based game and once you learn the basics, you can play in any platform you wish. Note that because it’s powered by advanced software, the virtual version proceeds at a faster pace and you have to be alert and prudent with your bankroll.  

In this lotto-like game, you pick 2 to 10 numbers out of possible 80 on your keno cards or tickets. Then, the online or offline casino randomly draws 20 numbers. The payout depends on how many drawn numbers match the ones you’ve selected.

How to play online keno

·By clicking on the numbers with the mouse pointer, select a minimum of 4 numbers and a maximum of 10 numbers between 1 and 80. Each number is called a “spot” and if you select, say 7 numbers, you're playing a 7-spot game.

·These selected numbers are automatically ticked off by the online casino’s software. There is also an option to deselect the number/s.

·Decide how much money you would like to bet and how many games you’ll play.

·The computer’s Random Number Generator software randomly draws 20 numbered balls – which are highlighted on the Keno screen.

·If the numbers drawn match the numbers on your ticket (called a “hit”), you win. How much money you win depends on how many of your numbers matched.

How to bet in online keno

Making the right bet is key to winning. To master the rules of keno, one must also master the different kinds of bets – from the basic Straight and Way bets to other bets that provide the option of choosing the size (large or small) of the wager. Split bets and Combination bets and King Numbers are some of the more complex bets. Before making a bet, consult the payout tables to learn how much you can potentially win or lose. Consider the house advantage, too.

A word about keno odds

Contrary to popular thinking, keno odds are constant. The payoffs and the casino’s edge remain the same all the time. Betting on specific numbers, betting on several numbers in small increments, or hitting a lot of numbers will not increase your chances of winning.

And last but not least…

·The higher the number of coins wagered the higher the payouts.

·The more numbers selected, the less their chances of matching.

·Payouts depend on how many numbers match, but also on how many numbers are in play.

·Watch the payout table: multiple amounts of numbers picked changes the payout.

·The total amount of coins wagered will mean the payouts would have increased.

While keno rules are simple, it pays to learn them to enjoy the game and to keep up with the speedy pace of online keno.