Keno Odds

First timers are attracted to this game, for they find odds of Keno games very interesting...

It is necessary that you become familiar about house advantage and Keno odds, when playing a game of Keno, only then you could possibly win better payouts, when playing online. Keno players are assumed to infer and use complex set of mathematical calculations, but in reality, it is not so. Going in an order makes things easy.

Mentioned below are three factors that help understand Keno odds better:

• Payback offered at Casino

• House proportion offered

• Ticket Price selected

You are to select a card; outcome is obviously one among the four. It is so because; there are eighty numbers, while selection is chosen from twenty. This creates an impression that higher numbers when selected, will give better odds, it would also seem favorable to make two selections, and the odds for each number is one-in-four, and resultant odds are calculated by multiplying the other two.

First timers are attracted to this game, for they find odds of Keno games very interesting, and try to understand it better, with greater observation and study. It is a game of online Keno that has higher payouts to offer, when compared to many other games available online.

The benefit here is that, one need not wait for longer durations to reach a payout, unlike many other similar, online games. You might just become wealthy person, all of a sudden and it is this uncertainty that attracts online players, to play this game.

When you play a game of online Keno, it is of course the casino, reaping greater benefits, over the players. Ten percent casino edge may be charged, when playing for ten dollars for a bet, it need not necessarily end in you losing the invested amount, you may also stand to win a chance of earning, thousand dollars before the game ends.

Having invested in online casino, casino edge dictates that ten percent of it be given to casinos. The duration by which this percentage of investment is taken is not fixed, but can be taken over a period of year. But, percentage remains fixed at ten, meaning online casino gets its share of ten percent, of what you play. If you play a game with win on one number and finally end it in draw, Keno odds are calculated as three-to-one. When numbers are two, odds become sixteen-to-one, and if one choose ten numbers, the odds become 8.9 million-to-one.

House advantage may be around 15% to 25% for an online Keno game. So, to conclude, Keno games played are worthwhile, in that, they are not heavy on your pocket and, you may also stand a chance to win a jackpot. Understand that odds presented by a game of Keno are far better, when compared to online lottery games.


One may arrive at a conclusion that a game is won on odds and variety in odds makes online Keno, a popular game, all around. Besides, you are also, given a chance to pick one among fifteen numbers for a single draw.