Keno Glossary

Keno Glossary Terms

All or nothing - A type of keno bet that requires all numbers chosen to be drawn out in order to win.

Balls - Balls, numbered 1 through 80, that are randomly drawn to pick the keno winners.

Blower - A "bubble", usually of plexiglass, from which keno balls travel through a tube and their numbers drawn.

Caller - The person who calls out each game's winning numbers.

Draw - The method of ascertaining the winning numbers done by a person (if the game is offline) or a software (if it's online).

High-end ticket - A keno ticket that pays out greater winnings when players correctly guess a lot of numbers.

Keno - A bingo-like gambling game that uses a "bubble" containing 80 balls numbered 1 through 80. Players place bets based on the numbers drawn.

Keno board - A big screen or other visual display where you can view all the numbers in every single game.

Keno counter - A device (in land-based casinos) that registers the keno ticket.

Paytable - A printed or posted bulletin of each payoff based on the type of bet.

Video keno - Keno that's played on an electronic screen, similar to slots and video poker.