Jokers Wild Video Poker

Always try and go for flushes and straights if you can as they have a good payout...

Jokers wild video poker, or what is also known as Joker poker is one of the most famous types of video poker. It's actually played with 53 cards, with the 53rd card being a joker. If you're familiar with the game jacks or better, then you'll easily get the hang of jokers wild since they are pretty much identical. The only exception is that the Joker is wild, and the payout begins at two pairs or better.

The payout's for the standard Joker poker games in casinos average between 97.2% and all the way up to 101 %. In essence these machines are set up where if you win big, you come out a little bit ahead of the casino. In order to play, you have to first set your bet, which can be anywhere from a nickle to 5 dollars depending on your preferences. The second part, after you make your bet, is to decide which cards you want to keep and which cards you want to discard. After you have discarded your cards you will be dealt the same amount of cards back into your hand, and if you have two pairs or better, you win. Remember that in Joker poker, the Joker is wild, so don't discard that if you get one.

Payout's are going to vary for different jokers wild video poker games, and some of them will offer a nice bonus if you get five of a kind, but since it's a lot easier to get a royal flush with the Joker, they will decrease that payout. The normal payout reduction is right around 97%.

Keep these things in mind while you're playingIf you want to get a bigger payout, then you want to make the max bet which is typically five coins. If you are betting five coins, and you get a royal flush, you'll get 5000 rather than 1000 which is the case for betting one. Admittedly, royal flushes don't come up very often, but the same holds true for any other winning hand you get as well. The more you bet the more you win. When you are trying to select a machine to play, it's always best to pick a machine that is going to have the full pay plan. The best machines by far which offer this option are the 7 x 5 machines, which will give you the full winning amount for a full house when you have a jokers wild.

If you have a joker in your hand, you need to keep it as well as all of the other cards in your hand that are similar. If you are only one or two cards from a royal flush, you need to hold those cards and throw away all the other cards in the hand regardless if it is a paying hand that isn't worth much.

Card variations to keep in jokers wild:

If you get any pair of high-paying cards like a Kings or Aces, make sure that you keep them in case a joker shows up.

If you have three or more high cards of the same suit, keep them in order to go for the royal flush.

If you have three or more cards of the same suit in close numerical order, keep them and try for a straight flush.

If you have a pair of anything and nothing else useful, keep the pair and hope for a joker so you will at least end up with your two pair.

Always try and go for flushes and straights if you can as they have a good payout. Full houses are also nice, as are 4 of a kind and higher which is possible in jokers wild.

Jokers wild poker is a simple game that can fly by really quickly when you are playing for credits. A hand only takes a matter of a couple seconds if you play fast, so pay attention to your winnings and your losses closely. If you lose too much, quit, and if you get a little bit ahead, cash it out and start over with your original allotment. It can be a very addictive game, so play wisely.