I Dream Of Jeannie Slot

The number of times you get to spin changes according to the number of triggering symbols that have activated the bonus round...

The I Dream Of Jeannie Slots Game is a very popular casino game with amazing graphics, sound and physical appearance. Here you release a interesting genie out of the bottle and prepare yourself for real magic. There are familiar TV series stars that decorate the game glass and its top box. You also get to see a number of animated icons on the slot reels and you get the benefits of added thrills as Barbara Eden (Jeannie) renders encouragement to her “master” during playing. The game is thrilling and entertaining loved by many!

How to play I Dream Of Jeannie Slots Game

This game is hosted by Barbara Eden in the Jeannie role. IGT has enlisted the celebrity to record the new voice-overs in this game. There are phases where the Jeannie character of the game reacts to the wealth accumulated at different levels of the game results. Jeannie serves as the hostess for all the primary game events, bonus rounds and every detail right from feeding the bill acceptor to cash outs!

There are 2 prime bonus features. The main wheel bonus triggers three or more SPIN symbols. This video screen changes to show 5 bottles while Jeannie prompts you to pick one to know the number of spin times you get at the wheel. This bottle uncorks and smoke is released to display the number against the theme music of the show.

The number of times you get to spin changes according to the number of triggering symbols that have appeared to make the bonus round active. The player gets two to four spins of the wheel when there are three or four triggering wheel spins. In case, five symbols trigger a bonus round the player gets the option to choose between two bottles and gets the maximum potential to spin eight times on the wheel. This wheel is divided into colorful segments that display multiple sums that range from 2X to 1000X. The number where this wheel stops is subsequently multiplied by your per line bet for getting the bonus award. There is another bonus screen that is triggered by three WISH symbols on the second, third and fourth reels of the spinning wheels.

This screen transforms into a feature called “Three Wishes Bonus” that depicts Jeannie dancing beside these six wishes. The computer tends to choose these wishes randomly from over 100 in the program. You will find funny phases like “I wished my car washed itself” or “I wish my mattress was stuffed with money”.

You are prompted to pick these three wishes and each one reveals either a Bonus Double Symbol that doubles the total amount of bonus accumulated or a Bonus Wish Symbol that adds a wish chance given to you extra.

Navigation throughout the game is very easy and the bonus screens that you find on the screens are fun. This is the reason why this game is a hot favorite among many players as it is exciting from start to finish!