How To Play Wheel of Fortune

In real casinos  results of the Wheel of Fortune are valid only if the wheel spun three times and its motion was not interrupted...

In practice, playing the Wheel of Fortune online is very simple. It is generally played on a rotary wheel with an indicator on its edge, and it contains different separated segments. The basic goal of the game is guessing the number on which the wheel is going to stop. Each player gets one wager on which he places on his chosen number, and then the wheel is spun.

The number the indicator points to when the wheel ceases spinning is the winning number, and, correspondingly, it is also the payoff amount.Most Wheels of Fortune, both in real and online casinos, are built of 54 boxes which are divided into 6 or 7 different segments, usually consisting of $1, $5, $10 and $20.

There are other segments with different symbols represented by the logo of the online casino or by a Joker; re-spin symbols are quite common as well. These special symbols represent the highest wager a player can win while the different numbers do not represent the player's monetary value but the odds in which the player's payoff will be calculated.

For example, if John wagered $5 on $1, he will be paid the even amount of his wager, meaning he'll be paid $5, thus, in a general sum, owning the sum of $10. If Donna wagered $10 on the $10 and hit the spot, she will win 10 to 1 on her bet, concluding with the sum of $100.

In real casinos the results of the Wheel of Fortune are valid only if the wheel spun three times and providing its motion was not interrupted during its spin. Fortunately, playing Wheel of Fortune in an online casino, these rules do not apply. All that is required of you is to place your bet and make a wish upon Lady Luck.

Among the different gambling games online casinos have to offer, the Wheel of Fortune can be considered a game in which the odds of winning big payoffs are the lowest, it is to be considered more of a game with a lot of fun to be had rather than a game with a lot of money to be had; sometimes the means are more important than the end!