How to Play Three Card Poker

3 Card Poker is one of Poker's many variations. This one has been around in Casinos since the mid nineties; another name with which it goes by is Tri-Poker. 3 Card Poker has gained its premiere in Brick & Mortar and Online Casinos alike and is commonly found in any Online Casino's game arsenal. This article aims to lay out the basics of 3 Card Poker via an explanation of a regular game, and to give out tips for better fairing in the game.


3 Card Poker is based on a regular 52 card deck. The name 3 Card Poker, derives, as you could probably bet, from the number of cards each player receives in the game – three cards. All players have a three card hand, face up, while the dealer has his three cards face down. Basically, 3 Card Poker is simple to understand due to this nature of 3 cards only, and with the fact that there are no draw cards.

Two games in one

3 Card Poker is commonly described as having Two Games in One. One aspect of the game is called Play/Ante, and it has you competing with the dealer on who has the higher hand. The other is called Pair Plus, where the player wagers on if he'll receive a pair or not the next hand he is dealt. Some casinos require players to make a Play/Ante bet before being able to make a Pair Plus bet.

A Standard 3 Card Game

3 Cards are dealt to players who have made an ante bet, face up, while the dealer has his cards face down. Then players are to either to make a play bet, equaling the amount to that of the ante bet, or they can also fold, losing their ante bet along with any Pair Plus bet if they've put one. After all bets are placed the dealer turns his cards; he needs a hand of Queen or Higher for the game to continue, if he doesn't have that, all players who wagered and are still in the game are paid more for their initial Ante wager, and if they placed a Play bet they receive that back. Provided the dealer's hand qualifies it is compared to the hands of the players. Beating the dealer's hand pays a good sum for the initial bets, while the other option means losing everything.


Temperance. 3 Card Poker is not a game for aggressive players; conservative players are always more rewarded. Don’t over bet on hands with low value, keep a close eye on your bankroll and take frequent breaks as the swiftness of 3 Card Poker can tire and confuse you. Whatever you do, don't throw yourself into a live 3 Card Poker game right away on your first time. Use practice modes to understand the feel of the game. A lot of online casinos offer specific bonuses on 3 Card Poker, check if you have bonus before you jump into the game.