How to Play Strip Poker

In Strip Poker you play with clothes not cash! If you want you can start off with money however when players are broke, it’s their clothes that are used as articles...

Want to learn how to play strip poker with your partner or friends? This is an Overview of Strip Poker Game with tips and rules to get you started in no time.

Now its time to pump up the adrenalin with a strip poker game - Wish to sizzle a boring poker night with a bit of fun? It is high time you make a drab game really hot and transform money into clothes. Get exciting entertainment with strip poker and see the fun unfold.

There is however a word of caution -this is strictly an adult game so be over 18 years to play!

Enjoy Strip Poker

Gear up for this hot and exciting night with like-minded adults. 
Get unlimited entertainment when the clothes come off and get to see a bit of flesh on your play-mates. 
A hot game for couples, friends and paramours you can’t afford to miss. Spice up the environment with people eager to freak out and have loads of fun! There is no room for pushing in people who are shy and oh so boring… be shameless and enjoy the game!

Do’s and Don’ts – Know Strip Poker Rules

In Strip Poker you play with clothes not cash! If you want you can start off with money however when players are broke, it’s their clothes that are used as articles. Once you lose, a piece of clothing gets removed from the body. When it comes to the duration of the game, opt for any variation that suits you.

It’s best to limit this variation to simple games with just a few betting rounds. Recommended ones can be a five-card draw or one of five-card draw variations.

What Is An Article Worth?

This needs to be decided before the players start stripping! Find out the worth of each piece of clothing for example a sock is worth one bet; a shirt is worth two bets etc. Also decide the currency that a piece of clothing equals and whether it is possible for people to buy their clothes back. Make sure that no one loses any piece of clothing unfairly.

When Is The Game Over?

You’ll know when someone is completely stripped down to their skivvies and hugging themselves with the frantic declaration they are out…party time is over!

Tips For Strip Poker (What to Do and What Not...)

It is fun to get friends together for a game of strip poker that can be full of fun. Everyone must agree to the ground rules for the game to be enjoyable for all. 
Follow basic etiquettes and read the following dos and don’ts of the game:

Ensure everyone is aware and comfortable with the idea before you start. Rules on how to play should be explained clearly or else someone may land up as a fool!

Let the timid ones stay out of the game-never force a person to play

Play in a warm and cozy room-this adds up to the heat. Start a fire as it can get real cold when the clothes are off.

background-attachment: initial; Never play in an overheated room-the adrenalin is high and sweaty thighs on chairs are no way sexy!

Wear lots of layers…have lots of clothes on or else in no time you are going to be in just bare essentials.

Do not over do the clothing layer part- you will land up looking like a polar bear!

Ensure you wear eye-catching, nice and clean underwear-dirty ones can be a huge eyesore!

Remember to wear underwear or else everything can come to a screeching halt!