How to Play Scratch Cards

There is a certain unmatchable thrill in the very simple action of scratching a card, portion by portion, hoping for that stroke of luck. Due to this unique thrill Scratch Cards have bought themselves a place of honor among different luck games, and they have also made their way into the scene of Online Gambling and Online Casinos. The aim of this article is to give a basic explanation of how Scratch Cards work mainly in Online Casinos and specialized sites, and to have you scratching in no time.

Scratch Cards Online

Classic Scratch Cards are made of paper, and unless you are equipped with a coin or a key, you're going to have to get your fingernails dirty to see if you won that Holiday in the Caribbean. Advancements of technology brought Scratch Cards to the Internet, letting you scratch with the mere click of a mouse. Other than the substance with which they are used, Online Scratch Cards work similar to their real world material counterparts, just without the getting your fingers dirty part. Online casinos offering Scratch Card games are based on sophisticated software calculating different odds and outcomes.

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

Playing Scratch Cards in an online casino is a very simple affair. Players choose the sizes of their chips with which they are to play. Then the cards themselves are displayed, some games "scratch" themselves and some give the players the honor of scratching with their own mouse, responding to the movement of the mouse as if it were a coin. Sometimes all of the portions of the card will be covered and sometimes one or two will be exposed thus the player doesn't have many possibilities on where to start scratching. To win, you need to have three of the same symbols on your card. From here on only lady luck plays a factor.

How to win Scratch Cards

Luck is a major deciding factor in Scratch Cards. This is a part of why they're so simple and popular, and are very common also among people who don't normally gamble or frequent casinos, Brick & Mortar and Online alike. Therefore there can be no formula for winning Scratch Cards but some guidelines Scratchers will follow might enlarge their odds of winning.Moderation, as in every other Gambling game, is a main term here. A bigger bet doesn't enlarge your odds of winning. Play low, lower your expectations and enjoy the thrill of the game itself; if you've won – that's only a bonus. Also, the lower priced scratch cards offer and demand less wagers, but their odds are higher. Unless you are interested in taking big chances, stick to the low ones.