How to Play Red Dog Poker

Players are dealt two cards face-up if the player has ti consecutive card the hand is...

Although found predominately in online casinos versus land-based casinos, Red Dog Poker is an enjoyable Poker variant that many Poker fans readily engage in. Known by other names which are closely associated with the basic strategy, Red Dog may also be called “Acey-Deucey” or “In-Between”.

Played most often with six decks, suits are null, numbers are face value, Jack – 11, Queen – 12, King – 13, Ace – 14.

Rules of Red Dog Poker

The process of Red Dog Poker is for players to place a bet. They are then dealt two face-up cards. If a player has two consecutive cards – the hand is a push. If player has two of the same cards then the player is dealt a third card. If third card is in-between’ the two existing cards, the player wins the bet. If the third card matches either of the two, or is below or above the two, the hand is a loss.

Strategy for Red Dog Poker

The payouts are based on card spread, the net return per unit bet on spreads based on a six deck game. The only favorable edge for players is when there is a spread of 7 or more. Advice based on probability would be to raise bets only with a spread of 7 or higher.

Online Ease

Playing online is easy! Most often players will simply click on chips to place bets and on deal to have cards dealt. Online wins pay very handsomely with an 11:1 when players acquire the appropriate spreads. Even spreads pay even -money which means players will receive double back on a bet. On a spread of 3 players the payout is 2:1 and return is double bet back, plus original bet amount.