How to Play Horse Racing

You could say horse racing has been around for a while. Its roots go straight back to Ancient Greece and Rome. In ancient Greece, for example, horses were very popular in the ancient Olympic Games and other Pan-Hellenic games. Horse Races held their popularity to modern times, and retained their part in the Modern Olympics. At the same time, Horse Racing became a very popular sports – one with which gambling is also very deeply involved. Gradually throughout the 20th century, Horse Racetracks became very common both in Europe and North-America. Lately Horse Races naturally made their way to Online Casinos. Both Virtual and Real Horse Races are available in many Online Casinos nowadays. This article will elaborate on Virtual Horse Races in Online Casinos and the basics of betting on Horse Races.

Horse Racing in Online Casinos 

Due to the complexity of Virtual Horse Racing games, it is still in its infancy in all that has to do with online gambling and casinos. Yet, out in the market there are some very impressive Horse Racing games offering players the full experience of a going to the Tracks, just without the smell of grass. One fine example is Golden Derby, a game from the Casino software Powerhouse Net Entertainment. This one takes everything into consideration: it gives players precise information about the traits of the horse and its jockey, along with an elaborate history of prior races and performance. Armed with this knowledge, players can make a much wiser bet. Golden Derby is but a fine example, as there are other fine games, like Virtual RaceBook 3D and Derby Day Racing. What's common to all these is the depth into which they delve in an attempt to make the experience of Virtual Horse Racing as close as it can be to real life.


In order to bet on a Horse Race, one must first understand the basic bets available.

Win- Horse finishes in the first place; player collects the amount of the Win payoff.

Place – players bet their horse to finish on the first or second place; they collect the amount of the Place payoff.

Show – players bet their horse to finish second or third place; they collect the amount of the Show payoff.

Across-The-Board ­– this is called a "combo" bet, which you can place for the three possible bets mentioned before, Win, Place and Show. You have to place an amount for each bet separately.

Quinella – this bet lets you bet on more than one horse, namely, two. You bet on these two to finish first and second. The odds may be higher but the payoff is usually lower.

How to Bet

Betting on Online Horse Races is really simple, with the different types of bets available to you. It's warmly advised to consult an oddsmaker or check the odds and or traits of horses before making a bet. You select your horse and horses and then just cling on to whatever makes lady luck heed to your calls.