How to Play Hi-Lo

Hi-lo Poker is a very unique type of poker. The basic idea behind it is that of High hands and Low hands, as it can be deduced from its title. It is a fast paced game where players have to make quick decisions, although the bets usually remain pretty small. Due to its nature, Hi-Lo Poker requires maximum attention from its players; you cannot possibly be distracted while playing Hi-Lo Poker in an Online Casino. This article discusses the basics of Hi-Lo Poker, demonstrating how to play and handing out some tips.

How to Play Hi-Lo

The goal of Hi-Lo Poker is basically to remain in the game to the end, with hopes of having a hand eligible for a win – if a number of players remain in the end of the game, the pot is split between High hands and Low hands. The catch is that there isn't always a Low hand winner.

A low hand is required to have no less than 5 cards, all lower than eight. A high hand is built upon the same concept, only with the cards being higher than 8. There are no flushes or straights in low hands. The game is built of streets, you begin at Third Street when the dealer deals all players three cards, two face down and one face up, and this goes on until the Seventh Street when all remaining players are dealt a face down card. If there is no clear winner, players go to showdown, where, as mentioned before, the pot splits between the Highest and the Lowest card. There is a substantial difference between splitting the pot with someone else and winning it all to yourself.

Beginnings are everything

What you get is what you get, and if luck is with you, you'll get something good. Work and build with it. Stick in the game if you think you can make a good hand in Fourth and Fifth Street, but if you don't, just fold, you don't want to lose for nothing.

High Pairs are power

Conserve High Pairs if you have them for a "rainy day". They'll give you that much needed edge when you most need it.

Gather Intelligence

Look at the face up cards your opponents are dealt and keep them in your mind all throughout the course of the game. Remember, though, that your opponents can see your face up cards too, so if you've got a good poker face, you can try to bluff them.

Limit yourself

Even if you're doing really well, sometimes it's just the right thing to stop before you lost everything. Fifth Street is considered the best phase to retire from a Hi-Lo Poker game.