How to Play Greyhound Racing

The Greyhound is a very swift breed of dogs that are very slender and tall. Greyhounds are also blessed with very keen sight and not in vain are they monumentalized in Ancient Egyptian Lore. These characteristics of this special breed turn them into perfect candidates for competition making Greyhound Racing is a very popular sport. Greyhound Racing has gamblers wagering on the dog which they predict will win. During the race itself the greyhounds are contained on a starting line until the start, when a lure, usually resembling a hare or a rabbit, is speedily moved over a special rail, thus promoting the Greyhounds to chase it. This article will survey Online Greyhound Racing, in Online Casinos and specialized sites alike, and lay out some basic foundations on How to Play Greyhound Racing.

Online Greyhound Racing

Due to the very special nature of Greyhound Racing, it is still in its infancy in all that has to do with Online Casinos; however there are a few Online Casinos which offer variants of racing games, Greyhound Racing among them, and specialized sites which are specifically dedicated to Virtual Greyhound Races. These usually offer a very deep experience, immersing players in the dirt and in the spirit of the Sport. Things like breeding conditions, height, age, stamina and fighting spirit are all taken in consideration and calculated into mathematical algorithms which end up setting the results. 

The unpredictability of Greyhound Races

One should keep in mind that Dog Races in general and Greyhound Races in particular are less reliable than Horse Races mainly because they do not have any jockey who controls them. Yet this is part of the charm of the race. What draws lots of people into Greyhound Races is that sometimes the strongest dog can be cut off and bumped over, thus, there is a high percent of unpredictability in this sport, which can deter some but attract lots of others.


In Greyhound Racing and Dog Racing in general, there are three basic types of wagers which can be placed:

Win – Bet is collected if the chosen dog finishes first.

Collect – Bet is collected if the dog finishes first or second.

Show – Bet is collected if the dog finished in one of the first three places.

Naturally, the highest wagers can be placed on Win, while they get lower and lower as we reach Show. There are other kinds of bets including variants of Quinella, also being used in Horse races.

The betting itself

The betting process itself is fairly simple; you place your bets with a sportsbook, either physical or online. Making your bet you need to specify the type of bet and the amount of your wager. One important thing to keep in mind is that sportsbooks are not oddsmakers. Betting on Greyhound Racing, it is of very high importance to consult an oddsmaker before making a bet. In Online Casinos and specialized sites these are easier to consult with the different specs of the dogs available.