How to Play Craps

Craps is a very unique game, one of the more recognizable games played in Casinos, due to its distinctive nature. It is, some will say mistakenly, considered one of the more complex Casino games one can learn and master. In Brick & Mortar Casinos, Craps tables usually are usually characterized by yells and screams of Gamblers rolling their dice and bystanders watching and cheering as they go. Craps in Online Casinos are played in a more delicate, serene way, but the thrill of the game itself remains just the same. It is the aim of this article to lay out the basics of Craps, as it generally is in Online Casinos and Brick & Mortar Casinos alike. The basic assumption which guides it is that anyone can play Craps and that it is not as difficult as it is believed to be.

The Setting

Craps is played on a special table specifically intended for the game; in Brick & Mortar Casinos these tables are usually very large and extravagant, intended to draw as much as people as possible, but in Online Casinos the players usually view just a segment of the Table, commonly half of the table. Craps is based on the gambler meaning it is the player who throws the dice and not the dealer; the game is played with two dice. The basic premise is that players roll the dice and bet on where these will land. The player who rolls the dice is commonly called the "Shooter". Each round only one Shooter is actively playing, eg shooting dice. The other players can bet on the outcome of the Shooter's roll themselves.

The Betting

A game of Craps begins with a Passline bet, made before the dice are rolled; this is a fundamental stage in any Craps game. The shooter places chips in the Pass Line section on the Table and rolls the dice – this roll is also called the Come Out roll. If the come out roll is either 7 or 11, the shooter wins. Be it 2, 3 or 12, the shooter loses; this is also called "Craps" in the game's jargon. Any other number rolled becomes the Shooter's "Point Number". After a Point Number a set, the shooter tries to roll that number again; if he rolls a 7 on his first roll, he loses.

From here on there's a very large variety of bets. In a general sense they are usually referred to as Specific bets and Broad bets. Specific bets come with a higher risk but also, naturally, with a higher payout, while Broad bets usually stand for a 1:1 ratio. If you are new to Craps you should definitely stick to Broad bets as in the case of specific, complex bets the house has a great edge. Learn the ropes and then start being more specific. It is very highly recommended to observe Craps games in "free play" modes in Online Casinos, to see how other players play and play for fun.