How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Beeing one of the favorite at online casino's Caribbean Stud poker is easy to learn and exciting...

What is Caribbean Stud Poker? Caribbean Poker differentiates itself from regular poker in that players do not play against each other but play directly against the dealer. Argued by some to not be a true poker, nevertheless it is often a favorite at any online casino because it is simple to follow and the games are quick and exciting.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

If your not one for mind games, bluffing or other tactics then online Caribbean poker is the game for you. The game will start out with the player and dealer receiving five cards each.

After which the dealer will turn over one of his cards and show it to the player- then the player may look at his cards and decide whether or not to go ahead with playing. After that the player will either decide whether or not he wishes to continue playing. If so, they place their bet ( which is double the ante ), if not then they fold and lose the ante.

After everyone's made their decision about folding or playing the dealer reveals his cards comparing his to each of the players cards. The winner is simply the person with the better cards.

It's clear why this one is still a favorite of any player; quick games, exciting payouts and a non complicated a process are amongst some of the reasons.