How to Play 7 Cards Stud Poker

7-Card Stud is a traditional game type of Poker, which was outshined in the 70's by the sudden emergence of Texas Hold'Em. Yet it still remains a crowd favorite, being played in Poker rooms and Online Casinos. Seven-Card Stud Poker's name originates from the fact that it can contain 8 players in one game. The rules are very simple due to this game's Classic poker style. This article will lay out the foundations of the game, explaining its basics and illustrating how a standard 7-Card Stud Poker is played.

Initial Stage

A standard 7-Card Stud Poker consist of five rounds, which are also called "Streets', aligned with the number of cards players are dealt with. For example the first round is called Third Street, because players are initially dealt with three cards, second round is Fourth Street and so on. At the beginning of a game, all players are required to place an Ante (an opening bet). 7-Card Stud Poker is played with a pot – a specified amount that's been bet in one game. Players can bet as much as money as there is in the pot, this is their limit.

First Round – Third Street

After all players set the initial ante, three cards are distributed by the dealer: two "Hole Cards" face down, and one card face up; these are dealt in a clockwise fashion with the first player to the left of the dealer. The player who was dealt the lowest up card must then make the "bring in" bet, as we have seen with the ante, the size of this bet is totally dependent on the side of the pot, limits and stakes set.

Second Round – Fourth Street

A fourth face up card is given to the players remaining in the game, but this time in contrast to the first round, the player who received the highest hand on view is called to start the betting, either wagering or checking. Should this player raise the bet, all further calls made by other players will have to be made in the increments of the sum he has set. So if for example the player doubles the bet – up goes the ante.

Third Round – Fifth Street

A fifth card is dealt to the players, face up. Remaining players are equipped with 5 cards, 2 hidden and three showing; the player with the highest makes a bet, as in Fourth Street.

Fourth Round – Sixth Street

A sixth card is dealt face down. Now players hold six cards, four facing up and three hidden. As in prior streets, highest hand player starts the process.

Fifth Round – Seventh Street

A seventh card is dealt, face down. Players hold seven cards, 3 hidden and 4 shown. Highest 4 cards combo player makes the next bet.

The Showdown

In this final stage the players who are left remaining in the game combine five cards from their hand in order to create the highest ranking hand. The player with the highest hand takes the pot.