Horse Racing Rules

Horse Racing is a very elegant type of competition. Many are attracted by the sight of these magnificent beasts pushing their strong bodies to the max on the tracks. Although it may seem simple at a first glance, Horse Racing is built out of many layers and is governed by different sets of rules, assuring for fair races and fair odds and probabilities for bettors. Betting on Horses can happen either online in different Sports books, bookmakers and race books, or on the race track itself.

A lot of bettors like gambling from their home due to the obvious benefits of comfort this assures, but there are those who like witnessing the Horses with their own eyes at the tracks, sometimes in order to make a last minute decision on the bet which they will make. Notice that Bookmakers are not the same thing as Odds makers. These are the people who provide you with odds info.

A note on Bookmakers

Make sure you sign up with a trusted bookmaker. This is the ABC of Horse Racing. Check for ratings, reviews, read FAQs, privacy policies and specific rules for the specific bookmakers, as there are no fixed rules, Bookmakers shape their own rules.

Before you Bet

Some Horse Racing tracks and sites feature Morning Line Odds, these are forms telling the odds of specific horses. Whenever you're making a bet take these forms into heart. The Jockey should also be taken into considered, and if applicable, the Trainer as well. Check for win-loss history and see if you can learn if the Horse has had injuries in its past. Don't automatically go for the heavy favorite horses, don't go with the masses and don't get dragged out of a gut feeling, a full usage of your brain is needed here; look for logical values, not emotional whims.

The Betting itself

Horse Racing offers bettors many variations of bets. We will survey some of the more common types of bets available.

Straight / Single / Win Bet – the simplest of all, a bet on the winner. The bet is won only if the Horse crosses the Finish line first.

Place – You bet on a horse to finish first or second.

Show – Horse finishes third. There's also an option to bet the horse will be one among the first three.

Combination Bet – bettor can wager on 2-4 horses to win in a chosen order.

Quinella – Betting on two horses to finish in the first two places, in either order.

Perfecta/Exacta – Same as Quinella, only the bet is on a chosen order.

Trifecta – Same as Perfecta.

Daily Double (could also be triple, etc) – This is a bet on multiple races, in this specific bet, betting on the two horses in two different races. The bet must be placed before the beginning of the first race.