Horse Racing On TV

TVG became popular on TV because of its coverage of over 100 racetracks worldwide...

Horse racing is so popular that it has widely caught on in practically most nations of the world. It has been in existence for many years and dates back to the ancient periods. With the aid of this medium people can now watch the thrills of horse racing from the comforts and privacy of their home. In the USA there are dedicated television channels that cater to the horse racing demands of people. They relay major horse racing events and provide viewers an insight into the world of horses, race tracks, jockeys, trainers and horse racing updates.

Horse racing on TV is very popular and widely watched by people across the world. In the USA there is one channel that is totally dedicated to horse racing viewed by many fans. This channel is The Television Games Network or the TVG network that started broadcasting operations in 1999.Ever since its inauguration this channel is the largest horse racing channel that provides coverage to 30 million homes in the USA. From May 2006 this channel began to relay new shoes like 58 Flat, Drive Time, Morning Line and Fandicapping. Viewers are able to get this channel in any selective cable company in the USA like on DirecTV or Dish Network. Besides broadcasting horse racing on television the channel provides radio simulcast on SiriusXM satellite.

TVG not only focuses on live racing but in case you love thoroughbred racing you can enjoy many topics that are related to the above. This includes racing interviews, race analysis, strategies and tips on handicapping along with true life stories of famous horse racing personalities and legends of horse racing. There are also special programs that feature the training and workouts of horses titled “The Works”.

TVG also became popular on television and radio simulcast because of its coverage of over 100 of the premier racetracks of the world. TVG has also created a website for wagering fans that makes its much easier for fans to make wagers from home on the internet, a mobile phone, telephone or any device by using a set-top remote control. This is applicable for account holders only and this is why you must sign up with the website if you are interested.

There is another television channel in the USA for horse sports called HRTV or The Network for Horse Sports. This is a network is a multimedia based one that is committed and targeted to equine sports. Viewers are able to see horses’ races from both national and international racetracks. One can also watch a number of world class Western and English horse competitions along with news, original programming and award-winning documentary films exposing the world of horse sports. The live streaming of HRTV is available to homes on a subscription basis for high-speed internet users across the globe. In the USA the HRTV television is available via satellite, cable and telco across 19 million homes. HRTV is also available to the world via internet streaming and video-on demand. This network is owned by Churchhill Downs Incorporated and Stronach Group.