Horse Racing Odds

Some race tracks permit different minimum amounts on every bet ,usually $1 is the minimum...

There are many types of horse racing odds for the race better to consider. The first one, staring prices, is the odds offered in the market at the final moment or before the race begins. There are board prices available about 15 minutes before the off-time of each horse race and they reflect the betting market that takes place from the racetrack. They are fixed odd prices. There are anti-post betting odds that is present at a time when a fixed odds betting market is present before the advance of the event. This takes place on event days, weeks or months in advance of the horse racing event. Betting forecast prices are the odds that are given as an indication of the betting that is to take place likely. Last but not least early prices generally apply to betting on horse racing. These are the fixed odd prices where online bookmarkers offer before live shows and board prices that come directly from racetracks.

Horse racing odds change especially when you are wagering on a race close to post time. The reason for this is that the cash that is wagered in a horse race is counted and placed into Pools. A Pool is where the total sum of money wagered on a specific bet is held to be distributed to patrons who have accurately chosen the results of the specific wagers where they have been placed. Certain percentages are subtracted from these pools. The Government also receives taxes for permitting horse races in certain jurisdiction. These racetracks get a percentage for promotions, track maintenance and paying employees. The horsemen get a percentage that makes these race tracks able to give money to owners and horse trainers for the racing horses. If there is no money there will be no racing. After the specific percentage has been subtracted the money that remains is paid out. This is where people gambling get their payouts for winning tickets.

These odds are generally in the form of x/y. The division of x by y gives a ratio that equals to 1. The smallest ration or the biggest amount of money on any number is the favorite. This, winning odds of 2/1 will pay $6.00 for a $2 bet while 5/1 will pay $ 12.00 for a $2 bet. These payouts are calculated by –odds ratio =1 x amount of bet + bet amount.
For instance for odds of 5/1 the average payout for a bet of $2 is 5x$2=$10 + $2= $12.

There are some race tracks that permit different minimum amounts on every bet. Generally $1 is the minimum on all the bets placed. Offshore sportsbook odds are generally calculated on the sales of the bet minus the tax handled and managed by the government. These deductions change and are controlled by a body who regulates them. It is seen that deductions can also vary in the same track in case of simulcast horse races. Besides the above there are some tracks that tax payouts that are in excess of specified limits and usually this limit amounts to 600/1.