Horse Racing Glossary

Horse Racing Glossary Terms

Across the board - A three-in-one bet in which the amount of winnings depends pn whether then horse wins, places, or shows.

Also ran - Any selection that places fifth or lower in a race or event.

Bloodline - The pedigree, that is, origin or lineage, of a horse.

Break (a horse) - To train a young horse to carry a rider and accustom it to racing equipment and techniques.

Dead heat - When two or more horses finish a race in a tie.

Derby - A horse race for three-year-olds established by the 12th Earl of Derby in 1780.

Fast track - Footing at its most favorable condition - dry, even, and resilient.

Favorite - The horse considered to have the optimum chance to win the race.

Handicapping - Making selections based on previous performance.

Jockey - The person who rides a horse in a horse race.

Long shot - One who has a very small chance of winning a race.

Pedigree - Breeding or the physical characteristics a horse inherits from its sire or dam.

Photo finish - Picture taken of the horses passing the finish line to confirm the order in which they finish the race.

Post time - The time earmarked for the race to begin.

Purse - The cash prize given to the first five finishers in a race.

Stakes race - A race in which a horse owner must pay an amount to participate.

Starting gate - Device partitioned into stalls where the horses stay before the race begins.

Stick - Whip used by a jockey.

Throroughbred - One of a special breed of horses that originated in England, the result of a cross between Arabian stallions and European mares.