Hi-Lo Tips

One of the most exciting games offered by online casinos is Classic Hi Lo. The game has 49 balls that look similar to the ones used in bingo and they are numbered from 1 to 49. The challenge in the game is to predict if the next number that will be drawn is higher or lower than the one previously drawn. The winning are based on the ratio in winning. For example, if the number that has been drawn is 45, then the chances of drawing a number that is lower than 45 are high and if you bet on it, the payout would be low. In reverse, if you bet on high which is extremely hard to get on the next draw and you win, the winning would be high.

This is how the game is played: The game starts when the first number is produced. Afterwards, the online game software announces the winnings if a player chooses Hi and wins and the winnings if a player opts for a Lo and wins. This is when the player decides on what to bet on. If the player picks on the wrong choice, he loses. But if he selects the right choice, the winnings are added to his account. The last number that has been drawn becomes the base for the next wager of Hi and Lo and the player chooses his wager once again or collects his winnings.

In actuality, the payouts on both Hi and Lo are commensurate on the risks that the player has to take. A lower percentage of winning is rewarded with a high payout while the reverse is compensated with a lower payout. It is up to the player what kind of approach he will be willing to take with each wager episode. There are two workable strategies that you can apply when playing with the Classic Hi Lo.

The first one centers on creating a winning amount target and betting on the higher probability. Always make sure that you bet on the higher probability of winning. When your total winnings reach your target, you can immediately collect. The challenge in this type of strategy is when the number drawn is near the middle, which is 25. For example, if the number drawn is 26, the probability of the next number going both ways is almost equal and the difference in their ratio is negligible. The next workable strategy is to immediately collect when the number drawn is near the central number no matter how small the winnings are.
Bear in mind that there is no sure-win Hi Lo strategy. You can only maximize your winning potentials with the two strategies mentioned above.