Hi-Lo Strategy

Hi-Lo is one of Poker's more popular variations. The aim of this article is to provide you with certain strategies aiding in bettering your game, and hopefully, putting more wins and payouts to your name.

High and Low

Not in vain is this game called Hi-Lo. You are actually required to actualize its name during the game. This is also known in the game's jargon as "Scooping the pot". What scooping the pot means is winning all of the pot and not just half. General rule of thumb is that either striking either high or low hands in Hi-Lo will reward you with half the pot. This is very tempting, but these half-pots never are satisfactory in terms of amounts, and if you are playing for the amounts, this will surely not satisfy you. These half-pots you accumulate are then thrown over other half-pots and half-wagers in general, and you end up losing what you virtually never had. Scooping the pot happens either via winning a high hand or a low hand. Don't settle for small payouts and silly risks; make smart, well thought bets, and aim for the High and Low.

Beginning Cards

They say beginnings are always more exciting than endings. Don't turn your beginning into your ending too. Take heed of the cards you are dealt; sometimes you can strike with vigor at the very start of the game. Aces, for example, can really contribute to your hand in order to compose either the desired High or Low hand.

Keep aware of other cards, know your opponents

Observing your opponents closely is the highway to winning. By being more aware of the hands your opponents hold, along with their playing patterns an strategies, you're much more likely to rise out with the upper hand, and also to pull yourself out of situations which seem very sticky.

Conserve, Conserve, Conserve

You need to keep a watch close on your hand and to conserve cards which might come in handy later and which are not so critical right now. You never know when you're going to need them, so a philosophy of "better to have it than to not" is certainly the best you can adopt here.


Practice modes offered in most Online Casinos nowadays are your best friends; treat them nicely and play them a lot. This'll get your ready for the real experience, without losing dough.