Hi-Lo Rules

Hi-Lo Poker is big in Online Casinos. This article aims to provide you with the basic rules of Hi-Lo Poker demonstrated through a course of an imagined standard Hi-Lo Poker game. The game's rounds are usually called Streets; with the number of the street fitting the number of the cards the players are dealt. Now we shall examine the regular course of an ordinary Hi-Lo Poker game.

Third Street

In most of its variations, up to 8 players can take part in a Hi-Lo Poker Game. Before the game begins, all players ante a small amount. Then the dealer deals all players three cards, two Face up and one Face down. The player who was dealt the lowest face up card is responsible for the "bring in" – he has to make a wager of a small bet. Then the table bets clockwise and the round is done.

Fourth Street

The dealer deals another face up card. This time unlike Third Street, the first player to play is the one who hold the highest face up card. He can either check or bet. If no other player shows a pair in his hand, the bet will be small. If a pair is shown, the betting can be buffed up.

Fifth Street

Another card is dealt, face up, and the first player to act is the one with the highest card same as in Fourth Street. From here on there are no small bets ($4+).

Sixth Street

Yet another face up card is dealt by the dealer, and the first player to act remains the one with the highest exposed card.

Seventh Street

The remaining players are dealt the final seventh card – it is face-down, and the player who acts first remains the one who holds the highest ranked exposed card.


If active players remain within the course of this game after Seventh Street, the player who has made the last bet exposes his cards. The players with the best hands for High and Low split the pot, half-half. If there is no hand for low, the player or players with the best High hands win.

Points to keep in mind

If during the game there is an odd extra chip which cannot be split in half, it will always be added to the pot the player with the highest hand wins. If there is no low qualifying hand, the whole pot goes to the player with the highest hands. It is possible for players to collect entire pots with different cards from the same hand, if they're lucky enough. Also, players are not required to announce the half of the pot they're playing for at the beginning of each street.