Hi-Lo Odds

Jonathan Swift, a brilliant essayist, pamphleteer and also a gambler, once wrote: "I must complain the cards are ill shuffled 'til I have a good hand". Hi-Lo players in Online Casinos certainly can find cases for filing such complaints. Yet, odds are in play here as well. This article aims to lay out some info about Hi-Lo odds and probabilities in hope to strengthen your game.

Starting Hands

There are 12 types of Starting Hands players can have in Hi-Lo, presented here with their odds and probability:

Low – Three cards with no connection whatsoever (no pairs, etc) and with no numbers above 8. Odds are 7.2:1 and probability 12.22.

Low pair and high kicker – an unmatched card 9 or higher with a pair ranked under 9. Odds are 25:1 and probability 3.80.

Flush- Three same suit cards outranking 8. Odds are 110:1 and probability 0.90.

Low Pair and low kicker – A pair below 8 with an unmatched card 8 or lower. Odds are 18:1 and probability 5.32.

High Pair- Two cards outranking 8 with another unmatched card. Odds are 14:1 and probability 6.52.

Low-Connected – a sequence of three cards not higher than 8, not necessarily of the same suit. (eg 2h, 3d, 4d). Odds are 131:1 and probability 1.63.

Low-suited – three same suit cards not higher than 8. Odds are 110:1 and probability 0.90.

Ace and two wheel cards – Two unconnected cards not higher than 5 with an Ace. Odds are 73:1 and probability 0.54.

Aces and high kicker - Two aces, one card higher than 8.Odds are 183:1 and probability 0.54

Aces and low kicker – Two aces, one card lower than 8. Odds are 131:1 and probability 0.76.

Trips - three same rank cards. Odds are 424:1 and probability 0.24.

Low-Connected suited – Sequence of same suit cards not bypassing 8. Odds are 920:1 and probability 0.11.


Hand Probabilities

Here is a short illustration demonstrating common hands and their probabilities which can be achieved by a standard 52 card deck.


                                                                              Hand             No. of ways          Odds (in 5 cards)

Royal Flush


1 in 649,740

Straight Flush


1 in 72,193.33

4 of a Kind


1 in 4,165

Full House


1 in 694.16



1 in 508.80



1 in 254.80

3 of a Kind


1 in 47.32

Two Pairs


1 in 21.03

One Pair


1 in 2.36

No Pair


1 in 1.99