Greyhound Racing

Today there are special greyhound racing games that help you play the game anywhere you wish to and let you know about the game...

An Overview Of The Greyhound Racing Game - Greyhound racing is a game that has been around for some time and is popular across the globe. People can place their bets and win lots of money. Like every other game it is wise and prudent to know everything about the game so that you enhance your chances of winning successfully. Today greyhound racing is popular in many nations across the globe. These nations are the USA, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and Ireland. Greyhound racing in each nation is regulated by an association like the Greyhound Racing Association in the USA.

History Of Greyhound Racing

The current version of greyhound racing has evolved from a sport called “coursing”. This sport was popular in the 1700s and 1800s. This game had simple rules that gave it the status of a spectacular sport with great betting options. A single hare was released in a meadow or an open field. It was given a head start about 240 years over 2 greyhounds.

The dogs were released and they had to “course” the hare. This means they had to catch and dismember the animal. The first recorded coursing event took place in 1776 at Swaffham, Norfolk. With the passage of time, the hare got replaced with the mechanical lure in 1876. In 1912 Owen Patrick Smith, an American, regarded as the hero of greyhound racing patented the mechanical lure in an attempt to elevate the sport to an equal status of horse racing. By 1920 the USA began to host regular greyhound races with the mechanical hare along with the advent of betting on these dogs.

How Do You Play Greyhound Racing Online

In present times there are unique greyhound racing game software that helps you play the game anywhere you wish to. The software helps you know more on the game and you can place your bets on those dogs that have higher probability of winning. This software helps you play the game online without too much effort. With an online game you do not have to go to a racing track to play the game.

You also do not have to visit the bookmaker’s shop or the local betting agency for playing the game. In an online game the player will be asked to make a user account via a hosted website. Some of these websites provide you with a trial version of the game whereas others ask you to opt for a payment system. This deposit is generally asked for to place wagers. This is secure and protected that makes it simple for you to get your winnings instantly.

When it comes to playing and winning the game it is very important for you to be wise before placing your bets. This game allows you to win big money but it also makes you lose a lot of money in case you are not careful. Doing your homework before starting to play the game helps.

Interesting Facts About Greyhound Racing

Greyhound races are fast events and the distance often varies from 415 meters to 800 meters. One day at the greyhound race track is an action packed affair and races begin after every ten to fifteen minutes. This makes the day of watching and betting on greyhounds a breathtaking and full-filled experience. The race is limited to six dogs and they have color coded vests that determines the trap and makes it easy for the player to follow the selected dog in the race.

The color code of the vests of the dogs are mostly standardized and they are as follows-

- Trap 1 (Red Vest With White 1)

- Trap 2 (Blue Vest With White 2)

- Trap 3 (White Vest with black 3)

- Trap 4 (Black Vest With white 4)

- Trap 5 (Yellow Vest With Black 5)

- Trap 6 (Black and White Striped Vest With Red 6)