Greyhound-Racing Tips

There is a simple way for you to pick the winners,look into the dog's winning times in their past...

With the aid of a few greyhound racing tips you successfully are able to win at the dog track. These tips and tricks are simple to use and practical to follow. You must know the dogs well. There are times when you with experience can find out whether the dog is going to run out of character. If everyone else expects a dog to break you is way ahead of the other players.

It is true that greyhounds run with the same style and speed and it may be difficult to know when a dog gets out and fails quickly. One of the main reasons for speed dogs being slow is that they have been outclassed by the other greyhounds. You should check how these dogs get out. Some dogs do not get out quickly like other dogs.

There is a simple way for you to pick winners. It is wise and prudent for you to check the first race of the dog. You have to look into the dog’s winning times in their last races. Rendering check marks to three dogs with the fastest running times helps. The next step is to find a dog who has won the race at the same grade like the grade of the above race. This dog needs to be checked marked too.

If the dog gets a check mark in both grade and time you should circle it. The next factor for you to check is the odds. In case the dog is 4-1 odds less in 2 minutes before the post time it should be betted to win. This is only to win and you should make sure that you do not wheel it, bet it or key it in any exotic bets.

There are several times when dogs that have odds of 4-1 or less win races. Dogs that have ad the fastest time in their last race tend to win races. Dogs who have won the grade they are running into today have a high chance of repeat wins. There is a small system that can help you when you are not sure on which dog to pick.

The first thing you should do is go to the track and study the form of the dogs. Check to see it is in a post it likes. Does it really break or have early speed. Check how many other dogs have an early speed and get out of the racing box fast. Check where it has to run and whether it has room for running. The above will help you determine on the handicap system that will work the best for you when you are thinking of betting on a greyhound.

Thus, with the aid of these tips you successfully are able to get the best when it comes to greyhound racing bets. In this way you can assure more wins provided you take time and research to choose the dog that you know you can safely bet on for winning the race.