Greyhound Racing Strategy

Greyhound Racing is one of the most exciting competitions one can bet on, let alone behold, due to the nature of the competitors, the beautiful Greyhounds which seem like they were extracted right out of an ancient Egyptian engraving, and the speeds they reach, displaying in its full force the splendor of Mother Nature and its creatures. At real life Greyhound Racing establishments, it is not a rare sight to see neutral crowds, families and curious bystanders who have happened by chance to the area, who participate as spectators from the side. The aim of this article is to provide would be and present bettors with some basic Greyhound Racing strategies. It applies to Online Greyhound Racing but it could be safe to say that some of the things could also be applicable with Real life Grey Hound Racing.

Know your dog

Greyhounds are expertly bred and taken care of. Every small aspect of their life is taken into deep consideration. As a Greyhound Racing bettor, your objective is to extract as much info as you can on the dog on which you interested in betting on. This includes, first and foremost, the odds to its favor, which are also composed by its winning history. Then take a look at "biographical" details: How old is the dog? In general, males are at their running zenith at the age of two while bitches reach theirs at age three. This is applicable to races which take place in real life. But you might be surprised that even if you are betting on Virtual Greyhound Racing, you still have to take these and other supposedly trivial things into consideration. Virtual Racing systems have become very, very elaborate in our days, and these things are meticulously calculated along with other variables.

Make unconventional bets

When we say "unconventional bets", we don't necessarily mean betting on the oldest dog on the track, or the pup who has never won even on race (though, an "underdog" in its full sense can always surprise). The meaning is, if to be precise, not to go with the flow, at least not always. The more "anonymous" dogs can surprise you; they are known by their ability to knock some bookies and gamblers right off their feet. This is the nature of Greyhounds, these magnificent mammals catch a good day this can easily turn yours into a very bad one.