Greyhound Racing Rules

Greyhound Racing is a distinctive sport due to its participants, the Greyhounds. These dogs were viewed as the pennant of all animals in the eyes of The Ancient Pharaohs, portrayals of Greyhounds can be seen on the walls of ancient Tombs. The Greyhounds continued to enjoy seniority as History marched on. Greyhounds are held in high praise due to their physical characteristics. They are slender, tall, and fast as hell. This turns them into the perfect candidates for Racing. In Greyhound Racing, bettors wager on the dogs which they predict, or hope, will win. This article discusses the rules of Greyhound Racing and what you should keep in mind in the course of your betting.

An important note on bookmakers and Oddsmakers

Don't be rash with choosing the bookmaker with which you'll put your bets! This is a critical stage. Choose a certified bookmaker after you've checked that this bookmaker is licensed and verified. Now that we've cleared that out we can go on to the betting itself. Also, always be aware of the odds. Bookmakers are not Oddsmakers. Consult Oddsmakers or research the net, forums etc. The capabilities of Odds and Probability calculations nowadays are simply astounding and can help you gain the edge.


Your first step after finding the appropriate, most suitable Bookmaker would be to sign up. You'll probably have to verify yourself via some kind of authentication method, usually this is done through swift bank deposits with the information you've supplied. After you confirm yourself with the Bookmaker you can "go to the races".

Greyhound Racing Betting Rules

There are plenty of types of Greyhound Bets, listed below are a selected few from the more common bets you can place:

Straight/Single/Win – You bet on one Greyhound to finish first.

Place – You bet on a Greyhound to finish first or second.

Show – You bet your chosen Greyhound will either finish first, second or third.

Across The Board – These are three bets composed of Win, Place and Show, on one Greyhound. If the Greyhound finishes first, you collect all three bets; if it finishes second, you collect Show and Place, and if it finishes third, you only collect Show.

Quinella – You bet on two Greyhounds to finish first and second in either order.

Perfecta – Same as Quinella, only difference is that you bet the Greyhounds finish in a set order.

Superfecta – Bet on four Greyhounds to finish in a specific order.

Daily Double – You bet on two Greyhounds on Two separate races taking place that day to finish first and second.

Keep in mind that you can combine bets, don't bet out of emotions but take your time and don't be afraid to bet on the underdog.