Greyhound Racing Odds

Like all other sports betting games, Greyhound Racing is all about the odds. When you make a bet on a dog, you have to take into consideration a myriad of variables. Thankfully, nowadays in Online Casinos offering Greyhound Racing and specialized sites for betting on Real and Virtual Greyhound Races, there are extensive systems giving you each and every detail you need in order to make the best bet you can.

For example, in Virtual Greyhound Racing the famous catchphrase "God is in the detail" is taken to heart. These systems could surprise you with how far they go to simulate the conditions and circumstances which ultimately give the tone on who wins and who loses. As mentioned before, things like health, history and age are very important. Regarding ages, Greyhound males are thought to be at their running peak at age two while bitches reach their pinnacle of running ability at the age of three.

Don't always pick the winner

This advice might sound peculiar, but it makes sense if you think about it. Greyhound Racing, like any other kind of sports, is not exact science. Even if the odds stand next to one dog, it doesn't mean he'll win this specific race today. Things change and anything can happen. Sometimes the underdog at the race track (no pun intended) is the one who has all cocksure bettors throw their hats on the floor with dismay. Never ever disregard your opponents! Make sure to always bet on active greyhounds, meaning, dogs who ran recently, not dogs who come back from a long absence or dogs new to the tracks altogether. This is more applicable to real life Greyhound Racing but the logic applies to Virtual Greyhound racing as well – there is no substitute to experience!

Be creative with your bets

There is a very large choice of bets one can make in Greyhound Races, which are usually very similar to the bets you'll find at the Horse Race tracks. Diversify your bets! Don't go again and again on the same old Win or Place bets. You can, for example, mix these two together, and throw in a Quinella or an Across the board, of course, this is only applicable if it meets the rules of the specific venue. But the idea here is to not get fixed on one kind of bet – this way your odds will always change.