Greyhound Racing Glossary

Greyhound Racing Glossary Terms

Apron - An area adjacent to the racetrack where the race can be viewed closely.

Backstretch - An area of the racetrack opposite the finish line and farthermost from the stands.

Bar price - Refers to the minimum odds given to race participants who were not previously quoted.

Book - A running total of amounts bet on a race's competitors, plus the odds it will take for the bookmaker to profit.

Career record - Series of numbers that displays a greyhound's total number of starts, its first to fourth-place finishes, and where these were recorded.

Grading system - A process that ensures that greyhounds compete against similar-caliber racers; grades (from A to D) are performance-based.

Post parade - Pre-race grandstand review of the greyhounds to inspect their blankets and muzzles.

Program - A booklet with various information about the day's races.

Sprint - A short race that's run over five-sixteenths of a mile or less.

Starting boxes - Mechanical gates that enable all runners to start the race at the same time.

Wire - Line a greyhound has to cross to complete the race.